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skins and seeds are here for a reason

Contrary to popular belief, produce residuals are not meant to be discarded. In fact, they are the most nutritious and healthy food you could ingest. 

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Discover the upcoming cutting-edge concept bar from  French Chef Pierre Pacon and treat yourself guilt-free.

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pierre pacon

Pierre Pacon is the creator and founder of skins+seeds. Chef by trade, Pierre specialized in nutrition after one of his close athlete friends got injured and needed help. 

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Since making skins+seeds an essential part of my diet, I have been readier than ever to start training sessions.

I have been doing CrossFit for over 3 years now.

I have recently starting following the skins+seeds diet program (one meal per day for seven weeks) to help with my recovery. I have noticed a faster recovery time and less muscle soreness.

The PRP Method® also aids in the production of muscle mass, taking produce residuals along with proper training and healthy eating I am stronger and leaner than ever.

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